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Remember the famous slogan from Allstate Insurance?  It started around 1950 and is still used today.  

"You're in good hands."

Well, you are... but with me and not them.

Here is what my business colleagues say about me:

“It is a strong reflection of good and upstanding character when you competitors even regard you highly.” 
- C.C. Hope Valley, RI USA

“Mr. Schofield has always acted in the most professional manner at all times and has been very understanding with out differences in cultures and has been most respectful to our demands and needs...” - M.E.M  Cairo, Egypt

 I have known Billie since 1997... I've witnessed him building a great business of his own, that not only grew but expanded over the entire globe.” 
M. S. Indianapolis, IN USA

“All of the business we have transacted over the years has been fair and successful for both sides. His reliability, honesty and trustworthiness skills have played a major role in his success...
- K. M. London, England U.K.

“I have always found Billie to be an honest, reliable and trustworthy character... Billie has always followed through on his commitments and promises, in difficult situations and has always been a pleasure to work with.”
-P.D. Merchantville, NJ USA

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